Boys Varsity Football · Clinton Central Football Parent’s Night Introductions – Class of 2021 Senior Night

Since we were unable to announce our Parents [Senior] Night introductions, the introductions as they would have been announced are listed below.


Football Parent’s Night, October 2, 2020

Welcome to Clinton Central High School and the home of the Bulldogs.   We would first like to recognize our football and cheerleader underclassmen and their parents.  First…. 




Our Freshmen Cheerleaders:

Emilee Jarrell                                          daughter of David and Krista Jarrell

Emily Laughner                                      daughter of Justin and Amanda Laughner & Natasha and Ashley Stoker

Isabella Lecklitner                                 daughter of Matt and Wendy Lecklitner


And now the Freshmen members of the football team:

#51   Gavin Martinez                              son of Gabe and Kristen Martinez

#62   Douglas Newton                           son of Trent and Angie Newton

#87   Alex Schultz                                   son of Rusty and Allie Schultz



Our Sophomore Cheerleaders:

Keeleigh Click                                         daughter of Matt and Chylene Click

Hanna Mayfield                                     daughter of Tabitha Toney and Ryan Mayfield


 And now Sophomore members of the football team:

Student Trainer    Shelby Wolfe         daughter of Derrick and Jessica Wolfe

#  4   Carly Gorman                                 daughter of Joshua and Christina Gorman

#  5   Evan Springer                                 son of Brian and Kimi Springer

#  9   Leo DeLeon                                      son of Joe and Amy DeLeon

#10   Conner Lunsford                           son of Kevin and Sherry Lunsford

#12   Hayden Pratt                                   son of Kent and Heather Pratt

#21   Ethan Walker                                  son of Kevin and Jessica Walker

#23   Camden Coverdale                       son of Andy and Kristi Coverdale

#29   Daiden Taulbee                              son of Aaron and Brandi Taulbee

#56   Brandon Premeaux                      son of Daniel and Misha Premeaux

#63   Cael Albaugh                                   son of Jason and Sherri Albaugh





Our Junior Cheerleaders:

Jacie Faucett                                          daughter of Jamie Faucett and Stacy Hastings

Kylie Mennen                                         daughter of Matt and Rita Mennen

Jocilyn Ottinger                                    daughter of Brian and Tawnya Meagher

Allison Russell                                       daughter of Greg and Dora Russell

Grace Shelley                                          daughter of Jamie and Rhiannon Shelley

Rhiese Shelley                                        daughter of Jason and Melissa Shelley

Morgan Young                                        daughter of Dustin and Leslie Phillips


And now Junior members of the football team:

Student Trainer     Megan Webb daughter of Matthew and Jennifer Webb

#  2   Zander Hall                           son of Tony and Tabitha Hall

#14   Keegan Burnette                 son of Travis and Ashley Robinson

#32   Matthew Harker and freshman sister team manager Amelia Harker              son and daughter of Jeff and Traci Harker

#50   Tyler Rayl                              son of Sean and Lori Rayl

#54   Jaden Faucett                      son of Jamie Faucett and Stacy Hastings

#55   Zach Warthan                      son of Lisa Warthan

#78   Jaylon Brock                        son of Jason and Amanda Brock


We would like to thank you parents for all of your help and support.  Ladies and gentlemen these are the underclassmen of the Clinton Central football team.   Again, thank you athletes and parents. 




Ally Hensley                                   daughter of Chad and Sarah Hensley

Ally has earned four letters in cheerleading.  Ally is a member of FCCLA. She has won a mental attitude award the past three years.  Ally plans on attending college and major in dentistry.


Molly Lewis                                    daughter of Mary Lewis

Molly has earned two letters in cheerleading.  Molly is a member of FCCLA. Molly has won an award for Best Jumps and Top Overall.  Molly plans on attending college in Missouri and major in nursing.


Avie Ramirez                                  daughter of Josh and Lacie Stowers and David Ramirez

Avie has earned two letters in cheerleading.  Avie is a member of FFA.  Avie plans on pursuing a career in Cosmetology.



#  7   Owen Smith                                   son of Kevin and Libbi Smith

 Owen is a four year varsity letter winner in football.  Owen has earned three letters in Swimming and two letters in Track.  Owen is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Students, Student Council, NHS, Band, Steel Band, Student Athlete Leadership Council and the Academic Bowl.  Owen plans to attend college pursuing a career in the ministry while playing football at the collegiate level.  Owen has received ALL Conference recognition and team leadership awards.

#15   Fife Deck                                        son of Kim and Mike Deck

 This season Fife has earned his first varsity letter in football.  Fife has lettered 3 years in golf and 2 years in hockey.  Fife is a member of the Student Council, NHS, FFA, Coach KIDS, Foreign Language Club, and 4-H.

Fife plans on attending Notre Dame University and pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering.


#17   Anthony Ransford and #77   Jacob Ransford                   sons of Jeremy and Sarah Ransford

Anthony is a four year varsity award winner in football.  Anthony has lettered in Track three times and has one varsity letter in Wrestling.  Anthony is a member of 4-H and FFA. Anthony was been selected several times as County Player of the Year, received All Conference honors and Team honors as Best Offensive Skill Award,  Anthony plans on attending Ivy Tech and pursue fire science to become a Fireman.

Jacob is a four year varsity letter winner in football.  Jacob is also a member of the baseball program.  Jacob is involved in Student Council, National Honors Society, and also a member of the Math Academic Team.  Jacob plans on attending college with a focus toward engineering and/or mathematics.


#22   Jacob Hall                                                son of Tony and Tabitha Hall

 Jacob has earned four letters in football.  Jacob has also earned letters in Track.  Jacob is a member of the Crossroads Community Youth Group.  Jacob has won a team award for Special Teams.  Jacob plans on attending college to become a Civil Engineer.


#30   Logan Harris                                  son of Troy and Julie Harris

This season Logan has earned his second varsity letter in football.  Logan is a member of the Clinton Central baseball program and a member of 4-H.  Logan plans on attending college to pursue a career in Aquatic Science.


#64   Hunter Salem                                 son of Aaron and Lyn Salem

This season Hunter has earned his third varsity letter in football.  Hunter is also a three year varsity letter winner in golf.  Hunter is a member of the Student Council, FCS, and the Spanish Club.  Hunter plans to attend college with a focus toward construction management.


#66   Wyatt Royer                                    son of Russ and Gillyan Royer

 Wyatt has earned three varsity letters in football.  Wyatt has also earned a letter in wrestling.  Wyatt is a member of the Drama Club.  Wyatt plans on attending college and study law.


#68   Riston Quick                                  son of Randy and Lori Quick

 Riston is a three year varsity letter winner in football.  Riston has also lettered three years in golf.  Riston is a member of 4-H.  Riston plans on attending a trade school and focus on diesel mechanics.


Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the senior cheerleaders and football players for the Class of 2021.   These seniors have endured a great deal over their high school football career and have stayed together through all the adversity.   

This group of senior have excelled this season as leader both on as well as off the field.  Coach Gilbert has commented that this is one of the finest group of seniors he has coached in his 42 year as a head coach.  The underclassmen have benefitted by their attendance, character, leadership through adversity and perseverance.

These young men have accomplished much during their varsity years playing football and they have produced outstanding memories of their performances on Friday nights.  We are proud of these young men as well as all those who have carried the torch to make football possible here and those waiting in line for their opportunity to continue the football traditions here at Clinton Central.

Football players of the Class of 2021, Parents, and Family Members. Thank you for all that you have done and thank you for all the great memories!!  GO BULLDOGS!!!!!