Boys Varsity Football · Coach’s Corner: Bulldogs Win!!!!

Inside the Huddle

Last night the Clinton Central Bulldog football team traveled to Sharpsville to play the 6-2 Tri-Central Trojans in HHC play.  The Bulldogs entered the game with a record of 3-2 [due to COVID-19 game cancellations] and came out in a hard hitting defensive battle with a 6-0 victory!

Tri-Central’s high powered offense was held to just 119 yards of offense by Coach Kennedy’s defensive squad for the evening.  Coach Kennedy and Coach Atkins-Harris orchestrated an outstanding game plan that was carried out by an outstanding defensive performance by all the boys that got on the field throughout the night.

The Clinton Central defense was faced time and again through the course of the game with adversity but each time a different play rose to the occasion to to make a significant impact on the outcome.

Key Notes Defensively!

Zander Hall-Pass Coverage/open field tackling; Owen Smith-Quarterback pressure with 8 tackles; Leo DeLeon-7 tackles; Anthony Ransford-forced double/triple team blocks all night; Ethan Walker-outstanding performance putting pressure on QB plus 10 tackles on the night; Jacob Hall-open field tackling and pass coverage; Daiden Taulbee-outstanding tackling, coverage and game closing interception; Logan Harris-best defensive game of season, 7 tackles, a key sack, an interception and a blocked field goal; Tyler Rayl-All State performance, all over the field with 10 tackles; Brandon Premeaux-5 key tackles and stopping the cutback; Hunter Salem-best defensive night yet with 9 tackles with one sack; Riston Quick-forced the double team with 5 tackles.

Defensive coaches:  Coordinator [Coach Kennedy], Coach Atkins-Harris [Def. line], Coach Salem [Secondary], and Coach Parker [LB coach] all had the boys ready and did a great job in preparation!

Offensively, seasoned veteran Coach Boswell never altered from his game plan and it paid off as the defense played well.  He orchestrated a 3 yards and a cloud of dust mentality that fueled the outcome.  At the 9 minute mark of the 4th quarter, Coach Boswell called a midline play which he set up and called on sophomore Daiden Taulbee to get the call.  The offensive line blocked outstanding and Daiden rambled 64 yards for the lone score of the game.  Coach Boswell had instructed the boys well as they were patient and when the opportunity presented itself the boys performed as one!  

It was a great victory for the program as Tri-Central is an outstanding team that has an outstanding coaching staff, Central did what was necessary to get the win and now it is time to focus on the second season, SECTIONAL!

This week, the Bulldogs travel to North White high school at Monon, Indiana to begin Sectional 42 tournament play.  North White is 3-5 on the season as they also won their last game of the season and inter the tournament with a win.  Central will need to prepare and focus as they get ready for the long bus ride to North White and start the second season adventure.  The team wants to thank our community for the outstanding fan base at Tri-Central and all season long, now lets take our team, our Bulldog Community and go to Monon and advance in the tournament!!!!  “How about those BULLDOGS”