COVID-related Athlete Return to Play Policy

Clinton Central Jr./Sr. High School Policy for COVID-related Athlete Return to Play

If a student-athlete is:

  1. COVID Positive – Medical doctor clearance and a convalescence period of 4 days (2 conditioning and 2 practices before competition) is required.
  2. COVID Negative but Symptomatic– COVID negative test results or alternate diagnosis submission is required prior to attending school and/or athletic practices.
  3. COVID Negative and not Symptomatic– Student-Athlete can return normally.
  4. Student-Athlete is close contact to COVID Positive person but tests COVID negative)– Normal return after 14-day quarantine.
  5. Student-Athlete is close contact but DOES NOT COVID test – Normal return after 14-day quarantine.  If student-athlete becomes symptomatic, a COVID negative test is required to return to school and/or athletic practices.

If any questions and/or concerns arise from the above, please contact the athletic office at 765.249.2257

Thank you.