COVID-related Athlete Return to Play Policy

Clinton Central Jr./Sr. High School Policy for COVID-related Athlete Return to Play

If a student-athlete is:

  1. COVID Positive – Medical doctor clearance and a convalescence period of 4 days (2 conditioning and 2 practices before competition) is required.
  2. COVID Negative but Symptomatic– COVID negative test results or alternate diagnosis submission is required prior to attending school and/or athletic practices.
  3. COVID Negative and not Symptomatic– Student-Athlete can return normally.
  4. Student-Athlete is close contact to COVID Positive person but tests COVID negative)– Normal return after 10-day quarantine.
  5. Student-Athlete is close contact but DOES NOT COVID test – Normal return after 10-day quarantine.  If student-athlete becomes symptomatic, a COVID negative test is required to return to school and/or athletic practices.

Additional guidance from IHSAA/ Indiana State Department of Health

1.       The current 7 day CDC option for getting out of quarantine early with testing is not being recognized by IHSAA currently. 

2.       The current 10 day CDC option for getting out of quarantine for a close contact will be implemented.  Athletes quarantined for close contact must remain asymptomatic for the entire 10 days to qualify for the 10 day option. Any close contact athlete who develops any symptoms must remain in quarantine for full 14 days.

3.       For athletes who are close contacts and come out of quarantine at 10 days, each athlete must check in daily (days 11-14) with school’s Athletic Trainer to document they have no symptoms still.

4.       For athletes who come out of quarantine after 10 days:

a.       Basketball – Athlete will wear mask for all practices and games for days 11-14. They will come out of mask on day 15. They must wear mask at all times in practice and games except when getting a drink. Mask must cover both nose and mouth at all times.

b.      Wrestling – Athlete will not wear mask for practices or competition from day 11 moving forward. Athlete will wear mask for all weight lifting activities and any conditioning activities done outside the wrestling room for days 11-14.

c.       Swimming – Athlete will not wear mask for any activities in the pool from day 11 moving forward. The athlete will wear mask for any weight lifting or dryland conditioning activities for days 11-14.

d.      Cheer – Due to danger of mask use during these activities, cheer athletes will not wear mask for tumbling or stunting activities. Should use mask for all other indoor activities and practices.

5.       These guidelines do not have any effect on athletes who test positive for COVID-19.

If any questions and/or concerns arise from the above, please contact the athletic office at 765.249.2257

Thank you.